André Boulay Uses The Dark Magic In His
Winning 2004 NER Freestyle Performance
In 2004 André Boulay was given the chance to
design a yo-yo. From sketches it went into design
and production in just over three months.

André wanted to bring something new to the
yo-yo scene, and the DarkMagic was just that:
He had a narrow groove machined into the edge
of the yo-yo itself enabling the DarkMagic
to perform amazing inner grinds.

It was released during the summer
of 2004 to amazing reviews.
Today the DarkMagic is one of the leading
yo-yos used in competitions world wide.

It has been used to win the US National Yo-Yo
Contest Single A Division for two years running,
as well as the Offstring division in 2004.
In addition it has been used to place as high as
second in the World Yo-Yo Contest.

See it in action under the video section!

Yuuki Spencer Uses The DarkMagic In
His Winning 2005 Nationals Performance